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What is MDF?

Well it stands for medium density fibreboard. It’s one of the most widely used materials of furniture manufacturers. It is not only lighter and cheaper but it’s also available in many colours and patterns unlike other timber materials used for furniture making. The typical density of a Medium density

fibreboard is 600 to 800kg per square

meter. It is made up of very fine wood

particles. These particles will become

airborne when the sheets are cut, so use

the correct safety equipment, ie a mask.

Like other man made boards it is

environmentally friendly, because it uses

scraps or waste wood or dust. As we

become more environmentally aware

every day, there are no signs of us to

stop using this material. It should always

be kept dry. In contact with water it will

swell, become weak and break down. It

can however be treated with paint finish.

It is mainly used for making flat pack and knocked down furniture for retailers such as Ikea, B&Q etc. Some examples of this budget furniture are, wardrobes, chests drawers, beds, make up tables, consoles, shelves, racks, small tables. Some very intricate detailing can also be created for items such as skirting boards, offering a very low maintenance product for the builder or DIY user. It’s also used in vast quantities for panels and boards as for building material. Office furniture is the most common within the furniture industry where it is mostly used. It is used for almost every piece of furniture that we use in our office spaces such as tables, desks, lockers or filing cabinets.

You can buy it in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is much more affordable and accessible to the mass market. Every timber merchant and DIY store will stock it. The most widely available size in the market is 2440x1220mm, or in ft it’s known as an 8x4 sheet with various thicknesses. It can be hard to transport large sheets for the average DIY user, so why not ask your supplier to deliver.



MDF Sheets