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A man made board, made by using several layers of thin wood bonded together. Each layer will have the grains running in alternate directions for added strength. This is one of the most commonly used wood materials in the DIY and construction industry as it is strong, and suitable for many

applications. A single sheet is not strong

on it’s own. Only when bonded with

several layers does it become strong. The

life and strength, depends on the quality

of the adhesive used, and the amount of

layers used. It comes in various forms.

Exterior plywood or WBP, meaning weather

boil proof. This grade bonds using a water

Resistant adhesive that will not break

down or become weak in outdoor

conditions. Bear in mind it is still

recommended the material should still be

treated using paint or varnish before using

externally to further improve the strength

of the outer faced sides that will get more

exposure to natures elements. Marine ply can also be used externally as it’s also manufactured using a water proof glue. It has also been know to be used for boat building. Interior grade as you would expect should only be used for indoor conditions, the only exception being it may be used for shuttering. This grade could be used for flooring, panelling, kitchen doors, drawer, tables chairs, etc.


Different Types

As more people prefer to use plywood rather than other types of timber, there is now an increased number of plywood manufacturers. Companies have begun to produce and supply plywood of different types to meet the growing demands of consumers.

These are some different varieties produced by plywood manufactures. These are the most commonly used:

Among these different types of plywood, manufacturers guarantee that most of these varieties are second to none in terms of quality when compared to the ordinary wood as it has the capacity to resist cracks, twists, wraps and seldom shrinks like ordinary wood which expands and contracts with changing climatic conditions.

With the rising demand of such man made products, the number of plywood manufacturers listed in the online directories is quite high. You can easily purchase your choice of material by browsing through some of the companies listed on this page.

Top Plywood Manufacturers

Some of the important plywood manufacturers and global exporters include the Evee Commercial.Co, Krishna Plywoods, Ply Zone, Nirmal Industries, and Mihir Steel Industries.

One of the leading plywood suppliers is the Sanjivi Industries Pvt. Ltd. The others include Surya Boards, Indian Timber Products Pvt. Ltd, Sanghvi Godaji Manaji and Integral Internationals.

It can be easily cut, and without the need of polishing.

Known to be highly durable and available at lower costs, most of the people opt for these varieties to enhance the appearance of their furniture.

Many suppliers will now deliver these sheet materials, so why not take advantage, and buy the large 8x4 sheets to get more value for money.


Plywood Sheets

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